As a provider of expert staffing solutions and sole distributors of Technowrap in South Africa, in partnership with IRC Building Science Group and Walker Technical Resources Limited, Rhokana has an ever expanding working network of business clients. Rhokana is proud to include many worldwide industrial companies among our past clients. Our clients have included Anadarko, B.P., Shell (SAPREF), Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Engen, ExxonMobil, Fairfield, Hess, Maersk, Nexen, Occidental Petroleum, Petro.SA, Tailisman, Sasol, Statoil, Total, Rasgas, Woodgroup. TAQA and QAFCO to name just a few.

  • Effective solutions for pipework, pipeline & structural integrity issues.

  • Can be applied to live systems with little or no impact on production.

  • Cold repair system. No hot work.

  • Fast, cost-effective & easy to install. Minimal facilities required.

  • Worldwide independent accreditations (Lloyds Register "Type Approval" & ABS Design & Manufacturing)

  • Exceptional strength & adaptability of composites.

  • Long term alternative to steel replacement.

  • An ease to any business staffing problem.

  • Dynamic, flexible workforce solutions.

  • Zero administration costs.

  • Expertly handled contractual management.

  • Simplifying payroll systems.

  • Unique understanding of industry requirements.

  • Excellent level of quality and services

"As proud partners with Walker Technical Resources Limited, we offer and install the composite pipework repair technology, Technowrap™, developed by Walker Technical, for high pressure and temperature resin repairs. An efficient, cost-effective method of repair that keeps facilities and production operational while avoiding the need for expensive replacements."




Technowrap™ composite repair products are engineered repair solutions for pipework, vessel, and storage tank integrity and structural strengthening. They consist of fibers reinforced with an epoxy resin. We also supply extremely affordable polyurethane, water activated pipe wrapping kits for low-pressure application and temporary fixes.

Rhokana Engineering is your local Technowrap™ Company, providing validated engineering composite repairs, addressing your integrity concerns.


As sole distributors in SA, Rhokana Engineering has trained Technowrap™ installers and materials available to mobilize at short notice. Rhokana Engineering is part of the ever-expanding network of companies representing Walker Technical Resources Limited. Delivering this fully engineered composite solution to Oil and Gas companies around the world.


We are world leaders in composite technology for the oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery, and power industries. Through our Technowrap™ technology, we provide and maintain bespoke solutions to integrity-management problems related to pipelines, piping systems, structures, caissons, risers and vessels in a range of conditions with little or no downtime.


Our Technowrap™ technology has a Lloyds Register "Type Approval". This range comprises a series of design-engineered systems developed to suit a variety of conditions. the system utilizes composite technology that is internationally recognized and accredited for its outstanding performance. Major organizations within the Oil & Gas industry have benefited from our Technowrap™-engineered, composite solutions.


Technowrap™ repairs are validated to international standards - ISO TS 24817 and ASME PCC-2-2006.

Quality Management ISO 9001:2008

Lifetime Guarantees from 2 Years to 20 Years

Rhokana welcomes you to a hub of innovative composite pipework, vessel, and storage tank repair technology for Southern Africa. We are Rhokana Engineering, the sole providers of Technowrap™ in Southern Africa.

Technowrap™ composite repair products are engineered repair solutions for pipework, vessel, and storage tank integrity and structural strengthening. They consist of fibers reinforced with an epoxy resin. The fiber reinforcements are either carbon or glass. Three types of epoxy resins are available, their selection is based on the overall design conditions and installation temperature of a repair. The repair systems are wet lay-up systems applied on site. The fiber reinforcement is woven into various architectures. The selection of fiber type and architecture is based on both performance or cost. As sole distributors in South Africa, Rhokana Engineering is part of the expanding network representing Walker Technical Resources Limited. Extremely affordable polyurethane, water activated pipe wrapping kits for low-pressure application and temporary fixes are also available.


Through research and development, Technowrap 2K™ has been developed to enable it to be applied in temperatures ranging from -103°F (-75°C) to 428°F (220°C). As a result this technology can be utilised in a variety of geometries and to suit the temperatures of all geographic locations.


For strengthening of tanks, vessels, roofs, floors beams, columns, support members, struts, bridge and jetty supports, accommodation modules, walkways, HVAC ducting, handrails ,signage.


Technowrap Splashzone™ has been designed for application of repairs on wet or submerged surfaces. Applications include caissons and risers suffering corrosion in the splash zone area or sub-sea pipelines. The ability to bend to wet substrates is due to our specially formulated epoxy-based resin. Technowrap Splashzone™ is designed for the repair of internal, external and through wall defects. Technowrap Splashzone™ can be used for pressures up to 250 barg/ 3625 psi and temperatures up to 60°C.


Technowrap PRS™ (pipeline repair system) is a composite repair system specifically for straight pipe sections. It was developed in response to demands from clients who required a product that provided a cost-effective method of returning externally corroded pipelines to their original pressure retention capability and structural design integrity.


Technowrap H.P. PRS™ is a high pressure pipeline repair system which has been designed for use on land. The system's intended application is for large diameters of pipe work, such as a 36 inch pipe operating at high pressures (greater than 50 bar). The uni-directional carbon based cloth is encased in our epoxy resin system


Technowrap Potable™ is a engineered, glass-based repair system specifically designed and certified for potable water applications and can be used on all pipe work components. It consists of a glass fibre reinforcement encased in an epoxy resin which has been specifically formulated for use in drinking water applications. The repair system has been successfully tested to BS 6920, confirming its suitability for potable water application

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In the breadth of our long history as a supplier of Technowrap for Southern Africa, Rhokana Engineering has solved a wide variety of industrial challenges that range from the every day to the uniquely technical. Each has been approached equally with our engineering expertise in these fields; ensuring a perfectly tailored solution to each client's requirements.


Refinery in Mossel Bay, S Africa, Two 20 inch pipe couplings continually had leaking problems, creating underground seepage in the nearby town of Mossel Bay.


A refinery in Secunda South Africa experienced excessive internal erosion. Pin hole leaks had formed expelling ammonia into the atmosphere. Technowrap was asked to provide a solution.


The refinery in Durban South Africa, 36 inch Caustic and Mereox drum experienced excessive internal erosion. The requirement was to reintroduce integrity to the Drum enabling operations to continue safely until next shutdown. Pressure at 7 bar and temperature at around 50 °C.


A refinery in Durban South Africa experienced excessive corrosion under insulation. Pin hole leaks had formed and temporary clamps were used to contain the leaks in two areas.


Various Tanks at a refinery in South Africa had experienced mostly internal erosion over a number of years, the erosion had become severe on the roof outer perimeter and upper walls of the tanks.

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Our previous clients.